Influencers Are Flocking To A Chemical Waste Dump In Russia To Do It For The ‘Gram

influencers chemical waste lake russia


A few years ago, “Do it for the ‘Gram” became a rallying cry among serial selfie-takers willing to do virtually anything to inject those sweet, sweet likes directly into their veins, and since then, we’ve seen just how far people will go in pursuit of a shot worthy of inspiring envy amongst their followers.

At least one person relied on a diet of cocaine and tapas to stay svelt but others have put their bodies on the line in a different way, whether we’re talking about the influencers who snapped photos of themselves hanging from moving trains or dangling from a ledge for a dopamine rush courtesy of social media.

Most recently, we’ve seen a rise in the number of people flocking to Chernobyl to strike a pose or two after deciding there’s no better place to snap a few pics than an irradiated ghost town.

Now, it appears there’s something in the water in former Soviet Republics based on the number of aspiring influencers flocking to a lake in Russia, where there is also something in the water in the form of chemical waste.

According to People, the Siberian city of Novosibirsk is now an Instagram hotspot as more and more people are lured in by a bright blue lake, whose signature color is made possible thanks to a lack of environmental regulations that allow a nearby coal factory to dump various substances wherever it damn well pleases.

While the company says the chemicals in question aren’t particularly harmful, there’s a chance that people who wade into the water will fall victim to an allergic reaction if they can’t resist the temptation to frolic in the tainted lake.

Instagram can’t get rid of likes quick enough.