Jake Plummer Looks Almost Unrecognizable In His Return To Phoenix For Super Bowl 57

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Football fans of a certain age will definitely remember former Arizona State quarterback Jake Plummer.

The Boise, Idaho native set several Sun Devils records during his four years there before being selected in the second round of the 1997 NFL draft by the Arizona Cardinals.

After six very lean years with the Cardinals (Plummer had an abysmal 69.0 QB rating during his time there), Plummer signed as a free agent with the Denver Broncos and revived his career. He set a Broncos’ franchise record in 2004 by passing for 499 yards in a game against the Falcons and had a QB rating 103.1 in the 2004 playoffs, also a team record.

In 2006, 11 games into the season and after some mediocre play, Jake Plummer was replaced as the starting quarterback by rookie Jay Cutler.

In 2007, he was traded to the Buccaneers, but rather than go to Tampa Bay, he decided to retire and was forced to return a $3.5 million signing bonus to the Bucs.

Since his retirement, Jake Plummer has kept a pretty low profile.

Outside of calling Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a “billionaire a–hole” in 2016, he hadn’t been heard from much until last year when USA Today reported that he had become a mushroom farmer.

This week, making a rare appearance at a NFL function, Plummer returned to Arizona, the site of Super Bowl 57.

What is he doing there? Holding yoga in the park sessions and an all-day seminar on naturopathic medicine, according to AZ Central.

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams will also be taking part in the yoga session.

Not that many people there would recognize him these days.

Plummer said he wanted to do something different during Super Bowl weekend than the usual celebrity events.

“Super Bowl is a big party. A lot of people come out and drink heavily and consume a lot,” he said. “We wanted to have something that would be a little more to shake up the status quo.”

Plummer said he recently got a teacher training certificate for yoga and wanted to share that at his event.

The Chandler event’s name, Remembrance, is a reference to cultures that have used a variety of mushrooms for human ailments over time.

“We are remembering what we already know,” he said. “To be a conduit for that, I am extremely privileged and honored to be able to spread this word.”

As for who Jake Plummer thinks will win on Sunday?

“It’s whoever has that ball last in their hand,” he said. “That’s who I figure is going to be the the one that’s going to pull it out.”

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