Johnny Manziel Is Officially Back Playing Football And It Sets Up A Rivalry With His Friend Druski

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The rumors are no longer rumors and Johnny Manziel is officially back playing football. Although he has “come to terms” with the fact that his professional football career is over with the NFL and CFL, the former Heisman Trophy winner will play in the Fan Controlled Football League for the second season in a row.

This year, however, he will have a new rivalry.

After being away from football for almost two years, Manziel got very bored. To cure his boredom, he decided to play in the inaugural season of the FCFL and absolutely lit it up.

Not only did he break out a vintage Johnny Football run on his first snap from scrimmage, but he looked as though he was playing a video game.

And he was throwing darts.

And when he wasn’t dropping dimes, he was putting on a show with his fancy feet just like he did at Texas A&M.

As the FCFL gears up for its second season, Manziel is officially returning for year two.

However, there is an interesting twist with Manziel’s return to the Fan Controlled Football League.

According to reports, when Manziel was considering a return to the league it was not with the Zappers, whom he played for in 2021. He was expected to play for a different team.

Manziel’s friend, internet comedian Druski, recently became an owner of the reigning champion Wild Aces, who are now known as ‘Shoulda Been Stars.’ The thought was that if Manziel was to return to the FCFL, it would be for Druski’s team.

That does not appear to be the case, as the league revealed that Manziel will “go all the way back to the Zappers.”

As a result, a new rivalry is born. It appears as though Manziel will be on the field with the Zappers. Meanwhile, his good friend Druski will be on the sideline as the ownership of Should Been Stars.

The Zappers will play Shoulda Been Stars during Week 5. Get your popcorn ready.