These 10 McDonald’s French Fries Hacks Make The World’s Perfect Food Even Better

McDonalds French Fries Hacks

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There are few things in this world that people are more passionate about than french fries.

Want to start an argument with someone? Try to tell them what the proper amount of salt to put on their fries. Or how to properly eat them. Better yet, tell them how many fries is the correct amount to eat with a meal. Or, worst of all, try to come to a consensus on which kind of french fries are the best. (Might want to duck when you share your choice.)

All that being said, there is one thing we can almost universally agree upon: french fries are the freaking best. Especially… *ducks* McDonald’s french fries.

They really are almost the perfect food.

However… just like basically everything in this wonderful world of ours, regardless of how good something is – be it a product, a service, whatever – there are always ways to make it better.

That’s where these 10 McDonald’s french fries hacks, as described by BabbleTop, come into play.

See which hacks sound the most useful to you below.

The Dipping Cup Trick 0:28
Between the grease and the condiments, eating french fries is a surprisingly messy task. This hack is one of many that will help minimize the resulting damage. Ketchup is the classic companion to french fries. They’re really not the same without it.

The Receipt, Please 1:44
This hack may or may not work, but it takes minimal effort and has substantial pay-off, so why not try it? The pay-off in question is a serving of freshly-made, not-yet soggy french fries.

DIY French Fries 3:04
Sometimes you want fries, but don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of leaving the house and having to interact with people. Everyone has those days. Luckily, that doesn’t mean that you have to go without, nor does it mean that you have to settle for the subpar fries that have been stashed in the back of your freezer for who knows how long.

Fancy Fries 4:33
McDonald’s fries are great as is, there’s no denying that. But sometimes plain fries just don’t cut it. However, you don’t have to miss out on the amazing taste of McDonald’s fries if you’re craving something a little different.

Ketchup Packet Easy Dip Strategy 6:04
Ketchup cups might be annoying, but ketchup packets are on a whole other level. It’s almost impossible to avoid making a mess with them. Well, it was until this hack came along. It’s simple – honestly, this hack probably requires less effort than eating fries the usual way does.

Leftover Fries to Waffle Fries 7:25
Some foods are almost better the next day than they were fresh out of the oven (we’re looking at you, take-out pizza), but fries are not one of them. As soon as your french fries start to cool off, it’s over.

Reheating Leftovers 8:51
If you don’t want to turn them into waffle fries, but don’t want your leftover McDonald’s fries to go to waste, never fear. This hack for reheating french fries will make them (almost) as good as new.

Fresh French Fries 10:21
McDonald’s is famous for its fries. They’re actually its most ordered food item. As a result, the restaurant has them cooked and ready to go at all times. This cuts wait times significantly.

The Paper Bag Hack 11:44
Picture this scenario: you’re in the car with your McDonald’s takeout (as a passenger – for safety reasons, you probably shouldn’t attempt this as the driver), only to realize that you have ketchup packets and nowhere to put your ketchup for effective dipping.

The McDonald’s Box Hack 13:10
This is yet another hack that makes eating ketchup and fries a far more efficient endeavor. It makes use of the classic red and yellow McDonald’s french fry carton. The flap at the back of the box can be folded out, away from the fries, to create a kind of horizontal platform, perfect for holding your condiment of choice.

Now if only there was a video that matched those timestamps and demonstrated each of these glorious McDonald’s french fries hacks. If only… oh, hey, look!

BONUS McDonald’s video…

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