Mountain Dew Is Releasing A Habanero Hot Sauce And My Taste Bud Are Already Incredibly Confused

mountain dew habanero hot sauce

iStockphoto / Unsplash

When Mountain Dew was first introduced in 1940, it was marketed as an ideal mixer for whiskey. However, the brand has evolved quite a bit since then, as it eventually morphed into the Official Drink of People Who Play MMORPGs For 12 Hours At a Time (in addition to the soda Caron Butler relied on to stay fueled before Kobe Bryant stepped in to help him conquer his addiction).

Mountain Dew has constantly dreamed up new flavors over the years but it’s recently begun to harness the sage advice of Wu-Tang Financial by coming up with some pretty unconventional ways to diversify its brand. Back in March, it announced it had entered a pretty natural marriage with Doritos in the form of tortilla chips dusted in a coating designed to mimic the taste of its flagship drink, and last month, it revealed it’d collaborated with Red Lobster to create a “DewGarita.”

That beverage was designed to complement the chain’s hallowed Cheddar Bay Biscuits, but I’d assume that most people associate margaritas with Mexican cuisine as opposed to seafood—which makes Mountain Dew’s most recent innovation particularly fitting.

Earlier this week, the company announced it was teaming up with Joel Embiid and the aficionados at iBurn to concoct its very own hot sauce and gave Twitter users a chance to pick their preferred spice level (and, in turn, the type of pepper to serve as the base).

As you can see, habaneros came away with the W, and on Thursday, Mountain Dew made things official when it teased the upcoming creation.

I have so many questions about exactly what to expect from this that won’t be answered until I get to try it myself, and as of right now, there isn’t much information out there aside from a disclaimer that it’ll be a limited released whenever it ends up being unleashed upon the world.

I can only hope we’re prepared for what’s in store when that day comes.

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