Former Professional ‘Counter-Strike’ Player Turned Instagram Model Shayene Victorio Sentenced To 116 Years In Prison

Former professional Counter Strike player turned Instagram model Shayene Victorio sentenced to 116 years for fraud.

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Whatever you do, do not commit fraud in Brazil. They will throw the book at you. A former professional gamer is facing 116 years in prison for fraud in Brazil.

Shayene “shAy” Victorio is a pioneering female gamer who was a professional eSports player since 2008. The Brazilian gamer excelled at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and was part of all-women teams including MIBR, paiN Gaming, and Keyd Stars. Victorio retired from pro gaming in 2019, so she could focus on her other ventures such as an influencer, Twitch streamer with over 30,000 subscribers, and an Instagram model with over 91,000 followers.

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Victorio started up an online store in 2013 allegedly with her then-husband. Between 2013 and 2017, 118 customers claimed that they never received any of the items they purchased from Victorio’s store.

Victorio has been charged with fraud and sentenced to 116 years in prison. However, under Brazilian law, individuals can only serve a maximum prison sentence of 30 years.

Victorio currently finds herself in the process of appeals. However, even if she loses all of them, she will not serve the full 116-year sentence, as Brazilian law dictates that an individual can only serve a maximum prison sentence of 30 years, regardless of the crime or the original time-frame.

Victorio has not yet been arrested because she has appealed her sentence, and only until after the appeals process has been completed can she be arrested. Victorio claims that she ran the store with her ex-husband, and he is to blame for the orders not being fulfilled.

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In an Instagram post, also states that her ex-husband has taken 100% of the responsibility for the crime.

Victorio’s lawyer issued a statement that said the online store made over 10,000 successful sales and deliveries, and that the 118 customers who did not get their products were because of unintentional errors. Victorio’s attorney also said that Victorio is now a target of defamation on the internet because of the attention her sentence has received, according to AFK Gaming.

If you get 116 years in prison for not delivering products in Brazil, what is the jail sentence for murdering someone? And if the maximum penalty for any and all crimes is capped at 30 years, why bother with these insane prison sentences that will never happen?

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