Hollywood Remaking ‘Fear’ Film That Launched Careers Of Reese Witherspoon And Mark Wahlberg In 90s

by 8 months ago
fear movie remake

Universal Pictures

The psychological thriller Fear was released on April 12, 1996, and the film launched the movie careers of Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg. You’ll be shocked to learn that Hollywood is remaking Fear. Okay, maybe not very shocking at all. On Friday, Universal Pictures announced that they are rebooting the abusive and obsessive boyfriend movie and Straight Outta Compton co-writer Jonathan Herman will write the script. Deadline reports that the Fear sequel “will be told from a female perspective.” Whether that means the girl will be the obsessive and abusive one in the movie was not clear.

This continues the trend of Hollywood remaking old movies. Some of the more recent film titles that are being regurgitated by Hollywood include Willy Wonka, House Party, The Crow, Major League, Young Guns, Ace Ventura, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, RoboCop, Bill & Ted, Lethal Weapon, Pet Sematary, White Men Can’t Jump, Flight of the Navigator, Death Wish, Top Gun, and Labyrinth just to name a few.

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