Cache Of Secret Videos, Photos Found By Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate Could Spark FBI Investigation

jeffrey epstein and donald trump estate discovers photos videos

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While his BFF and cohort in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, wiles away her days in federal prison, Jeffrey Epstein is still making news despite being dead.

For several years now, there has been much speculation about the existence of a Jeffrey Epstein address book containing hundreds of names, including celebrities and politicians.

In addition to that, Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly admitted that Jeffrey Epstein had secret videos of former US Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

Maxwell herself reportedly also has a “secret stash” of video tapes.

Ghislaine once reportedly told a friend, Christina Oxenberg, “Jeffrey and I have everyone on videotape.”

She did not reveal any of those alleged videos or the address book to authorities before or during her trial in an effort to reduce her prison sentence.

Perhaps she was worried that she would end up dead like Jeffrey Epstein if she did.

Now, however, that cat may be out of the bag, so to speak.

According to federal court documents filed by the U.S. Virgin Islands and shared by Inner City Press, Jeffrey Epstein’s estate has discovered a cache of photos and videos.

The images could be used in an ongoing lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank for allegedly enabling Jeffrey Epstein by providing him with the funds to support his illegal lifestyle.

New York Federal Judge Jed S. Rakoff wrote in a recent ruling regarding the photos and videos, “If during the course of that review, the Estate sees a particular recording that appears to contain possible CSAM [Child Sexual Abuse Material], it shall promptly stop further review of that recording and notify the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or such other agency or entity as the FBI direct of the recording’s existence.

“No CSAM shall be copied or transmitted to another party, except as directed by the FBI or other governmental agency.”

The videos and photos were discovered after subpoena was issued by lawyers for one of Jeffrey Epstein’s unidentified alleged victims.

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