Twitter Is, Once Again, Absolutely Flaming ‘Avatar’ — This Time For How Preposterous Sigourney Weaver’s Avatar Looks

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Whenever I come across the chance to write about Avatar, my heart rate elevates and my blood pressure spikes. I feel like a kid again, fresh out of college and ready to take the world by storm. Almost as if today’s my first day on the job. Or you know the feeling you get before you’re about to sleep with somebody new? Sort of like that, only the blogging version. Just something about the opportunity to drag my internet sack across the forehead of this film gets me goin’. Some may say it’s why I was put on this Earth: to wage a holy war against Avatar.

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Luckily for me, I’m far from alone in this crusade against Avatar, as the general film-watching public seems to have slowly but surely turned on the film in the *checks calendar* 12-years since its release. Maybe it’s the frustration with how long the sequels have taken, or perhaps it’s the realization that Avatar, truly and deeply, sucks. Either way, the Anti-Avatar Army is growing by the day, as evidenced by this latest viral tweet about the film, which has racked up over 156,000 likes for pointing out how painfully absurd the CGI — particularly as it relates to the Avatars — is, despite the fact that it cost $237 million to make:

Truth be told, I haven’t seen Avatar in over a decade and it’s getting to the point where I feel as though I simply must rewatch it for the sake of content. Maybe drink a fifth of whiskey and live stream it. Face a blunt and write a review. Take acid and actually become an Avatar.

At this time, Avatar 2reportedly titled Avatar: The Way of Water — is scheduled to hit theaters on December 16, 2022, a casual 13-years after the original was released.

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