TikToker ‘Cooking’ Chicken In The Kitchen Sink Called A ‘Recipe For Disaster’ By Viewers

TikToker Cooking Chicken In Kitchen Sink With Hot Water Shocks Viewers


In case you haven’t noticed, TikTok, while a wonderfully entertaining social media platform, is not always the best at making healthy suggestions… like cooking a chicken in your kitchen sink using just hot water.

Which is exactly what TikToker @succhefful did in one of his “tutorial” cooking videos recently.

While he was most certainly joking (I hope), his TikTok video purports to show how you can prepare medium or medium rare chicken with the help of your kitchen sink.

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His food “hack” involves nothing more than tossing a raw chicken breast into a kitchen sink and running hot water over it.

He captioned the video, “If you haven’t tried a sink chicken you haven’t lived.”

Then once that side of the chicken has turned white, he flips it over and runs more hot water over the raw meat.

Once both sides have turned white, the TikToker picks up the “cooked” chicken, pats it dry with a paper towel, and serves it up with some broccoli and potatoes.

Of course, when he cuts into the chicken breast it is obviously still not cooked.

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While he was obviously just trying to be funny, he “Sink Chicken” video has now been viewed over 7 million times, leading many commenters to voice concern that some viewers out there might actually believe him.

“This gave my eyes salmonella,” wrote one viewer.

“WHY IS THIS ON MY LEARN PAGE,” commented another.

“Please. Don’t do this. Neither chicken or pork can be eaten raw,” warned another commenter.

Many just expressed their strong hope that he was only kidding.


If you haven’t tried a sink chicken you haven’t lived. Pretty much guaranteed perfect medium rare every time #chicken #salmonella #tiktokfood #fyp

♬ original sound – Food that makes you 🤤

For the record, not only should you never try to cook raw chicken in your kitchen sink using hot water, just washing raw chicken before cooking it can increase your risk of food poisoning from campylobacter bacteria, according to NHS.

Not that any of that has stopped @succhefful. Since his Sink Chicken video, he’s also posted popular TikTok videos showing how to make Sink Carbonara, Sink Lasagne, Sink Burger, and perhaps worst of all, Sink Steak.


Perfect medium rare steak every time #steak #perfectsteak #mediumrare #steaktok #tiktokchef

♬ original sound – Food that makes you 🤤

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