Japan Created A Real-Life Transformer That Goes From Robot To A Car You Can Ride

by 2 years ago

This robot is more than meets the eye (SWIDT?). This 12-foot-tall robot can transform into a car that can actually be driven around. The problem is that it takes forever to go from a robot to a car and it doesn’t make any cool transforming noises.

We take you to Tokyo, Japan where the Asratec Corp., a subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp., created a real-life Transformer. After three years of research and development, the company unveiled the J-deite RIDE. The transforming robot was the brainchild of Kenji Ishida of CEO of Brave Robotics and designed by Kunio Okawara, who created many of the mobile suits used in the Gundam anime franchise.

The J-deite RIDE seats two people in the car and robot form. Don’t expect to roll out in a hurry because the car only has a top speed of 37 mph and the robot has a maximum walking speed of 0.062 mph. Asratec Corp. doesn’t expect to fight off Decepticons with the J-deite RIDE and rather will be used in amusement parks.

Two months ago, a South Korean company unveiled their impressive 13-foot-tall, 1.6-ton mech robot that is worth $100 million. In other robot news, Amazon is working on a robot that will follow you all around your home, there are robots that look like spiders and flying foxes, there are robots that can beat pros in free-throw-shooting contests, and there are robots who go on dates with Will Smith. The robot revolution will not be televised.


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