John Oliver Explains Why The NCAA Is Pure EVIL On ‘Last Week Tonight’

John Oliver is very, very good at destroying, absolutely eviscerating, ripping new assholes, brilliantly shitting on, crapping on, spanking, and straight-up hating. Last night the target in his cross heirs was the NCAA, the most evil organization in all sports. With the NCAA Tournament just a few days away from tip off, Oliver went ALL IN on Mark Emmert and the NCAA over the lack of student pay in college athletics. The 20-minute evisceration doesn’t stop with the athlete pay issue, though: Oliver also shits all over the NCAA’s petty violations and the organization’s uncontrollable greed.

Yes, we all know they get scholarships and “an education”, but the pay issue remains an absurd one. No one is looking for system where college athletes get rich, but the fact they can’t get paid a couple bucks an hour like the students who work in the school’s bookstore is just silly. And unfair. And hypocritical, especially when you consider that NCAA is perfectly fine with coaches chasing endorsements outside of their contracts and schools having facilities arm races with the millions of dollars they make off of big sports programs.

Oliver’s points are salient ones. It’s an A++ rant.

Your move, Mark Emmert.