Want To Get ‘Winter Soldier’ Ripped? Here Are The Exercises Sebastian Stan Does To Get Super Hero Shredded

Sebastian Stan Workout Winter Soldier

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After the results of “Avengers: Endgame”, the Marvel universe is forced to move on without the help of Captain America.

Luckly, the world is left in the capable hands of best buddies Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

Falcon – now taking over as Captain America – and the Winter Solider are getting their own film. This means actor Sebastian Stan has to continue his intense workouts to look like one of Earth’s greatest defenders.

To get Marvel hero shredded, Stan enlists the help of super trainer Don Saladino.

Saladino’s list of celeb clients reads like a who’s who of cinematic icons. He’s worked with Gerard Butler, Chris Pratt and John Krasinski, and “Hellboy” David Harbour.

Stan is prepping for phase 4 of the Marvel universe and moving on without his best buddy, Captain America.

Men’s Journal broke down Stan’s training regime.

Stan’s work with Saladino for Avengers: Infinity War included longer and tougher workouts than usual because the two knew that Stan would be shooting for long days and wouldn’t have time to train much during production. Saladino put together a detailed chest workout for Stan during that time and also started each workout with 20-30 minutes of functional movements and bodyweight exercises as a warmup.

With Stan’s character having a bionic arm, Saladino also focused on Stan’s upper body and arms by creating a Kettlebell Carry workout and an Arm Circuit workout that helped add size and muscle.

And if you’re not sure the workout is effective, here’s a recent pic of Bucky doing a little posing in the gym.

Give this program a shot. Results may vary.

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