Add These ‘Superman Pushup’ Variations To Your Workout To Looked More Ripped Than The Man Of Steel

superman pushup how to


Time and time again, we’ve covered the workouts that turn normal celebrities into shredded superheroes.

There’s the Captain America workout, how to look as ripped as Arrow, the intense routine that turned Mike Colter into Luke Cage, Ryan Reynolds’ badass Deadpool regime and even how to go through hell to look like Hellboy.

This time around, we’ve got a superhero on the brain, but it’s less about looking like the Superman – though the dude is pretty swole – and more about perfecting the pushup named after the “Man of Steel.”

In this video from Men’s Health, trainer Jay Maryniack demonstrates the different pushup progressions for the Superman that go from easy to difficult to eventually flying off the mat.

Few body-weight moves are as impressive as the Superman Pushup, which has you briefly taking flight – just like the Man of Steel. With hard work and smart progressions, you can master this IG-worthy move. It looks impressive and it’s an incredible workout for your chest and triceps, too.

The first step is to prepare the wrists because there’s going to be a ton of pushing and landing going on.

Next, is the prone Superman hold, which everyone thinks is the actual pushup. It’s not.

From there, Maryniack moves on to the explosive pushup and then a chest tap pushup variation.

Finally, he puts them all together to demonstrate the perfect Man of Steel movement where your body literally takes flight.

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