Troy Aikman Revealed The Workout And Diet Plan That Keeps Him Shredded At 55

Troy Aikman Revealed The Workout And Diet That Keeps Him Shredded At 55

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  • Troy Aikman is in tremendously good shape, not just for a man of 55, but for anyone.
  • The Hall of Famer recently shared some of the workout and diet that keeps him in such great condition.
  • Read about more workouts here.

Almost one year ago to the day from now, Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman had the internet in awe, marveling at how shredded he was at the age of 54.

More than 20 years since he suited up for the Dallas Cowboys, Aikman posted a shirtless photo of himself on a boat to Instagram, putting men of all ages to shame – something he has done more than once since turning 50.

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This week, in the latest installment of Men’s Health “Gym & Fridge,” Aikman gave a behind the scenes look at his workout, diet, and the supplements he takes to stay in ridiculous shape.

At the gym, Aikman loves to use dumbbells to get a pump, lifting four days a week. He also does cardio five to six days a week. This has been his program for the past 15 years.

At age 55, Troy Aikman’s workout and diet regimen is better than most people, of any age

As for his diet, Troy Aikman has the benefit of having a chef come over a couple of times a week to prepare meals for him. He also, after seeing Tom Brady walk into a production meeting with a a gallon jug of water three years ago, carries one of those with wherever he goes.

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His food preferences include lots of protein and vegetables, a little beer (especially his own brand, EIGHT), and when he cheats, which isn’t often, he likes to scarf down some pizza or oatmeal cookies.

“Some people have a one day a week cheat meal, I have one every two or three months,” he told Men’s Health.

Back in a January 2021 GQ article, Aikman said that he also likes to meditate every morning and does yoga.

“As good as it was for my body, it was even better for my mind,” he said.

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