21 Times Kendall Jenner Made Our Jaws Drop In Celebration Of Her Milestone 21st Birthday

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Kendall Jenner turns 21-years-old today and love her or hate her (our numbers say a LARGE majority of you love her, or at least love to LOOK at her, it’s a tiny minority that complain the loudest), she is going to be in the public eye for a very long time coming.

Plus, Kendall Jenner has gone on record as saying that she loves her “tits being out,” so really, other than her godawful older sisters and mom, what’s not to like about her?

Even her sister Kylie is kind of cool when you think about it, and by think about it I mean when she wears outfits like this and poses topless like this.

It’s really just the older members of the Kardashian Klan that suck. Hell, even bro king Lord Disick had to say “peace out” to that mess and he even dated a Kendall Jenner doppelganger for Christ’s sake.

I guess what I am saying here is, I am a fan of Kendall Jenner because (A) she’s beautiful, and (B) I never have to hear her talk, and (C) she isn’t always trying to “break the internet” though she porobably could if she wanted to do so.

So happy 21st birthday, Kendall, and to celebrate here are 21 times (including that photo up top) that you brought the sexy like only you can. (Be sure to stick around until the final photo.)

Oh yeah, I also hope that your birthday party this year is as good as your 19th birthday party was, because damn, that shit was LIT.

Wash away her sins 😈 KENDALL in paris @kendalljenner #parisisburning

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