This 5-Year-Old Doing 90 Degree Pushups Is More Alpha Than You’ll Ever Be



This five-year-old busting out 90 degree pushups is an absolute BEAST. Never in your life have you pulled one of these off, and I’ll be shocked if you ever do.

The first thing to know about this video is that you should watch it on mute, because the dad counting out the 90 degree pushups sounds like a creep. Once you’re past that it’s time for you to accept that you’ll never be able to do 90 degree pushups as well as a five-year-old kid. Furthermore, your triceps might never be as shredded as a five-year-old kid. Now that we’ve established all of that, let’s watch this little freak of nature prove how much more alpha he is than you’ll ever be:


To really drive the point home that this kid is better than you, let’s watch it once more in GIF:



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