Have You Ever Wondered What It Would Be Like To Shit Your Pants Off The Side Of A Mountain?


So maybe this guy didn’t defecate himself from the side of the mountain, but if many of you were in his position you probably would.

H/T @JukinVideo

Just one big order of NOPE coming up! I’m not scared of heights, and I’m typically down for anything…but why do this? If you’re going to go up there and detach yourself from the side of the mountain then why not at least BASE jump?

I do have to give this guy some props for climbing such a big ass mountain though. According to Wiki:

Mount Hua, or Hua Shan, or Xiyue is a mountain located near the city of Huayin in Shaanxi province, about 120 kilometres east of Xi’an. It is one of China’s Five Great Mountains, and has a long history of religious significance. Wikipedia
Elevation: 7,087′ (2,160 m)

So good for him on making it up there, but next time just strap on a parachute and jump off bro!

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