‘Bad Lip Reading’ Just Dropped A Video Of Ted Cruz Talking About Donald Trump And This Is F’n PERFECT

Bad Lip Reading just dropped a video of Ted Cruz’s now infamous speech from the 2016 RNC, you know the one I’m talking about, the speech in which he refused to give his nomination. Well, Bad Lip Reading has been noticeably silent for a few months when it comes to political content and it appears as if they’ve just been biding their time until they had the chance to drop the PERFECT video, which is exactly what this is.

By now everyone’s heard about Ted Cruz getting booed off the stage at the 2016 Republican National Convention after Lyin’ Ted refused to endorse Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee for the Presidential Election. In terms of the greater GOP constituency, some people were PISSED at Ted Cruz for refusing to give his nomination and were blood-thirsty with their rebukes of Ted. Others saw it as a move for Ted Cruz to position himself as a nominee for the next Presidential Election in 2020 (on the chance that Donald Trump loses). Personally, I think it was just Ted Cruz taking his one chance to throw up two middle fingers to Donald after Trump talked shit about Ted’s wife in public. It’s just not right to unnecessarily bring a man’s wife into a political race and Ted was pissed.

This wasn’t the first time that Bad Lip Reading has lampooned Ted Cruz. Most recently, they dropped a video of Ted Cruz’s final campaign commercial and I’m still laughing about it to this very day. If you haven’t seen that one yet then I HIGHLY suggest you check it out: ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Just Dropped A Ted Cruz Video And I’m Laughing So Hard I Might Have Pissed Myself

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