Men’s Dispute Over Man Meat Lands Male In Jail For 25 Years After Beef Turns Sour



A beef over breakfast sausages has landed one Baltimore man in jail. 39-year-old Donte Frye was convicted of assaulting his roommate after he threw boiling hot water in his face, after accusing the roommate of eating his breakfast meats.

The lengthy 25-year sentence is the result of two previous convictions Frye had for attempted murder. And I don’t know about you guys but this definitely seems like someone you’d want as a roommate, and whom it would be a good idea to share your man meats with.

From the NYPost:

A judge has sentenced a Baltimore man to 25 years in prison after prosecutors say he threw boiling water on his roommate after a dispute over breakfast sausages.

Prosecutors say 39-year-old Donte Frye was convicted of assault for luring his roommate to the top of basement stairs and throwing a pot of boiling water on his face in April 2013, causing second-degree burns and severe scarring.

Prosecutors say Frye thought his roommate had eaten his breakfast sausages.

There were no reports of whether or not the meat was actually eaten by the roommate, or any reports whatsoever of what happened to the breakfast sausages. And because I know I cannot be the only one concerned with the safety of the sausage, I’ll now dive into an investigation of the sausage safety. Details to come….

Tip of the hat to @MentalityMag for sharing this story.


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