‘MythBusters’ Takes On Sex Myths, Brings New Meaning To ‘Myth Busted’

One of my biggest issues with MythBusters is that the myths I most want yearn to see busted aren’t suitable for television. From drinking myths to sex myths, the MythBusters simply aren’t up to the task of pushing TV’s envelope…until now.

In this web short it appears the myth busting duo is finally up to the task of busting their myths into a plastic cup for the sake of science, or something like that. If you’re easily offended by humor that 99.9% of the world enjoys, then I’m going to go ahead and say that this video isn’t for you and you probably shouldn’t even be reading this site…in fact, you shouldn’t even be using the Internet if that stick is still firmly lodged up your ass, but here we are with me warning you that this video’s funny and you’re too prude to understand:

FACT: I’ll never think of the phrase ‘myth busted’ the same again…


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