People Playing ‘Pokemon GO’ Claim It’s Getting Them Laid And Yeah, That’s What Happens When You Leave Your House For Once

by 4 years ago

Pokemon GO’s main purpose may have been to jumpstart Nintendo’s stagnant stock prices and get lazy blobs out of the house and exploring, but as with anything in life there are unintended consequences/perks: take the guy who claims he got caught cheating on his girlfriend after she checked his Pokemon GO account, or the fact that people are claiming that playing the game is getting them laid:

So are these people liars, or just better at getting action than Ash Ketchum at the Indigo Plateau? Some people think it’s totally plausible, or at the very least worth a shot:

Personally, I’m a believer. Why not? If you can get laid off Craigslist then you can get laid from Pokemon GO, and at least with Pokemon your chances of catching herpes are at a low .000001% considering most people playing are still virgins.

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