Alex Bregman Upset So Many People When He Broke The ‘Unwritten Rules Of Baseball’ After Homering In Game 6

Alex Bregman Carried His Bat To First Base After Homering In Game 6

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This year’s World Series has turned out to be pretty entertaining. Especially now that the Nationals have tied it up at three games apiece, sending it to a Game 7 with their 7-2 win Tuesday night.

There has been no shortage of drama in the series, and I don’t mean just on the field.

We had Yu Darvish waiting a full year to revenge troll Justin Verlander, Nats fans loudly booing President Trump and chanting “lock him up,” and Instagram models lifting their shirts behind home plate revealing, well, you know.

Social media has had much to talk about during this year’s Series.

One of those things occurred in the first-inning of Tuesday’s Game 6 when Astros slugger Alex Bregman launched a moonshot home run off Nationals starter Stephen Strasburg. It was Bregman’s third home run of the series, but that wasn’t what got social media’s attention. It was the fact that after hitting his bomb Bregman carried his bat all the way down to first base and tried to hand it off to his first-base coach, who dropped it.

Later in the game, Nationals outfielder Juan Soto hit his own home run, and he too carried his bat down the first base line in what many thought was him taking a shot at Bregman. Turns out it wasn’t.

Bregman, however, did still get much criticism for his reverse bat-flip, some of it even coming from current and former MLB players.

Not everybody hated it though.

Bregman later apologized because we can’t have nice things anymore. #LetTheKidsPlay.

Good point.