Antonio Brown Hit All Sorts Of Sensitive Nerves When Talking About Fantasy Football With Fans On Twitter

Antonio Brown got burned on Twitter for talking about fantasy football with fans

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Antonio Brown’s had one helluva 2019 so far, hasn’t he? After ditching the Pittsburgh Steelers to end the 2018 NFL season, to being traded from the Steel City to the Oakland Raiders — where he caused all sorts of drama before being released — to, finally, the 12-day dysfunction with the New England Patriots and serious sexual assault allegations, the All-Pro wideout now finds himself out of the league.

While Antonio Brown first hinted at never playing in the NFL again after his New England release, he’s since backtracked on that claim, even recently posting something on social media about having the Patriots bring him back since they have to pay him anyway. That won’t be happening, but it just goes to show where Brown’s head is at — which, in all seriousness, seems to be messed up given all that’s gone on with him, leading to some fans wondering if he’s already got CTE.

Given all the free time AB has on his hands now, and how he royally F’ed any fantasy football owner who drafted him, the wideout decided to take to Twitter to have some fun with fans. Asking people who selected him to retweet a post about their fantasy team missing him, fans did more than just follow instructions, with basically everyone absolutely crushing him and calling him a clown.

As promised, take a look at all the sensitive nerves those seven little words hit, with Twitter reactions as A+ as you might expect given all the bullshit Antonio Brown’s brought on himself in the past nine months or so.

Who knows what’s going to happen with Antonio Brown and his NFL career or, on a more serious note, his damn life. The guy’s only 31 years old and he clearly needs as much attention as possible, so it’ll be interesting to see how he transitions from being in the spotlight to whatever the next chapter is. One thing’s for sure: If you talk to NFL fans or fantasy football players, they’ve sort of moved on from Brown as a player at this point, and, in the words of Radiohead, “You do it to yourself, you do.”

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