The Escalade That Derek Fisher Totaled While Drunk Was Registered To Matt Barnes. Awkward.

by 3 years ago

And the Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes saga thickens.

Just as a quick reminder of the former teammates’ long-standing beef. Back in October, Barnes found out that Fisher was boning his former wife and mother of his kids, Gloria Govan. So, like a rational person, he drove 95 miles to “beat the shit out of him.” After he arrived, the two engaged in a fight that resulted in the cops being called. Barnes texted a friend detailing his account of the incident, saying “I kicked his ass from the back yard to the front room, and spit in her face.”

The two made constant quips about each other in the media, resulting in a wildly disrespectful Instagram post Derek posted on Mother’s Day of Gloria with Barnes’ kids.

Welp, the former teammates are going to have to come head-to-head once again after the 2015 white Cadillac Fisher totaled while hammered is registered to one Matthew K. Barnes, TMZ reports. Barnes had reportedly given the Escalade to Gloria specifically “for the kids.”

Derek Fisher just can’t stop banging up shit that used to belong to Matt Barnes.



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