Carli Lloyd Isn’t Messing Around About Becoming An NFL Kicker: ‘This Isn’t Just A Publicity Stunt’

Carli Lloyd nfl kicker

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Carli Lloyd is very good at kicking things, she’s kicked a soccer ball into the back of the net 113 times when wearing a U.S. National Team kit, but she’s also pretty damn good at kicking footballs, too.

Back in August, she decided to crash a Philadelphia Eagles practice and put on an absolute clinic kicking field goals which included draining a 55 yarder with ease.

Following her dominant performance at practice, it was reported a few days later that an NFL team had contacted her about showing off her leg in a preseason game. It never happened, but that’s not to say that Lloyd is done giving up on becoming a kicker in the NFL.

She’s eyeing a spot on an NFL roster come the 2020 season and she’s serious about it.

The two-time World Cup champion joined ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ earlier this week and let the world know just how serious she is about kicking in the NFL. She even mentioned that she had kicked field goals in a helmet and pads.

“This isn’t just a publicity stunt or something that I’m having fun, just to string the media along. I know that I can do it. I know that I have the mental capacity in pressure situations. I know that there would be loads of people that want to see me fail, but that’s no different than the entirety of my career.”

“If I can help pioneer and break down some doors for other women in the future, that would be amazing.

We’ve seen female kickers at the high school and college level of football, but never in the NFL.

Lloyd can clearly kick and has the leg to make field goals from 50 yards plus, so why not at the very least give her an official try out next season following the 2020 Olympics?

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