Sensitive Hockey Fans Got VERY Upset When Eagles’ Chris Long Masterfully Trolled Them On Twitter

by 1 year ago
Chris Long Trolled Hockey Fans Twitter

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Certified bro Chris Long, defensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles, had a little fun Monday night by REALLY upsetting hockey fans on Twitter when he masterfully trolled them by ripping the sport.

Like millions of other sports fans, Long had a decision to make Monday night. Watch the seventh game of the Rockets-Warriors Western Conference Finals or watch game one of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals.

Long decided to watch the NBA Western Conference Finals, dropping a few tweets about the game as it unfolded.

Some hockey fans were apparently following Long on Twitter and suggested that he turn on the Stanley Cup Finals. That’s when he decided to go into full-on troll mode.

“I see some ppl saying “turn on the Stanley Cup.” Guys take too many breaks in hockey. Shift changes constantly. For instance, last night,, Lebron played the entire game. I’d rather watch the grinders,” Long wrote, triggering all of the ultra-sensitive hockey folk.

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