Clemson Couldn’t Stop Itself From Trolling Alabama With These Absolutely Bonkers National Championship Rings

clemson national championship rings alabama

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Back in January, Clemson and Alabama faced off in the College Football Playoff National Championship for the third time in the last four years, and while their first two meetings were absolute slugfests, Trevor “Sunshine” Lawrence and the Tigers made easy work of the Crimson Tide this time around as they rolled (get it?) to a 44-16 victory.

After taking home the trophy, the team got a chance to celebrate in style when they were invited to the White House, where they were rewarded for their efforts with a massive spread of lukewarm fast food.

Nothing says “Congratulations!” like some flaccid McDonald’s fries.

While at least one player appreciated the gesture, a number of his teammates weren’t so thrilled but I have a feeling none of them were too disappointed in the most recent permissible benefit they received for being part of a national championship squad.

We’re talkin’ about rings, baby!

According to TMZ, the championship rings feature a number of allusions to various achievements—including a paw made with 14 diamonds to represent Clemson’s current bowl streak—but it appears whoever was behind the design couldn’t stop themselves from throwing some shade at Bama by proclaiming this year’s team the “best ever.”

Based on the reactions, the players seemed to enjoy the rings slightly more than the cold Big Macs that greeted them in D.C.

Good luck keeping warm with all that ice.