A Clemson Player Had Some A+ Responses After Going Viral For Crushing The White House Fast Food Buffet

Matt Bockhorst white house big macs

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Last week, Clemson made Alabama look mortal for the first time in a while after they absolutely destroyed the Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump revealed he’d decided to buck his tradition of bucking tradition when he announced he’d invited the Tigers to visit the White House in honor of their championship.

Ahead of their arrival on Monday night, Trump spoke with the press and announced he had a very special meal in store for the team: a bunch of fast food.

At the time, it seemed like a curious decision when you consider the culinary resources the White House has at its disposal. However, it turns out Trump decided to take this route because he had to pay for the meal out of pocket thanks to the government shutdown.

Plenty of people were quick to call him out for being a cheapskate and argued someone whose favorite hobby is telling people how much money he has might have been able to afford something a little classier.

However, politics aside, I think most people would agree there was something absolutely and objectively hilarious about the contrast between the ornateness of the room the reception was held in and the food that was being served inside it.

Trump might have caught heat for going the fast food route but most of Clemson’s players didn’t seem to mind— especially offensive guard Mat Bockhorst, who quickly went viral after someone posted a photo of him crushing the buffet.

The absolute unit is listed at 311 pounds so it’s not exactly shocking that he’d go H.A.M. in a situation like this. After he became aware of his sudden internet fame, he embraced his brief moment in the spotlight with some A+ responses to the reactions.

Well played.