Cleveland Browns Release Statement On Deshaun Watson, NFL Media Reacts


  • The Cleveland Browns added QB Deshaun Watson to the roster in a trade with Houston
  • The team released an official statement on the addition, and the NFL world is reacting
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The deal is officially done.

Sunday morning, the trade between the Houston Texans and Cleveland Browns was finalized sending QB Deshaun Watson to the AFC North. While the addition brings an immediate boost in talent to the quarterback position, it also comes with controversy as the former first round pick has some baggage.

Watson was a three-time Pro Bowler with Houston, twice leading the Texans to the NFL Playoffs. He led the league in passing in 2020, and he’s thrown for 14,539 yards and 104 scores in 53 professional appearances.

Watson’s playmaking abilities are undeniable, but recent off-the-field incidents have cast a dark cloud over the signal caller’s persona.

Watson was forced to sit out all of the 2021 NFL season due to more than 20 allegations of sexual assault. He was cleared in criminal court of any wrongdoing, but that doesn’t mean teams weren’t doing their due diligence in the interview process.

In the end, Cleveland won out in the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes.

And they’re taking precautions even in contract discussions with uncertainty still looming surrounding Watson’s playing status. Even with the courts clearing the passer, the NFL could suspend him for the 2022 campaign. The league is still conducting their own investigation into the allegations, and they’ve yet to make a decision on the quarterback’s future.

With that taken into account, the Browns are paying a base salary of just $1 million in 2022 in case there is a subsequent suspension. That would save them from a huge financial loss should Watson not see the field next year. It’s just a small portion of his massive $230 million deal.

With news of the deal breaking, Cleveland management has taken to social media to release statements on their new signal caller.

Statements from head coach Kevin Stefanski and owner Jimmy Haslam both note the organization’s extensive investigation into Watson’s background. When all was said and done, they believe the risk outweighed the reward.

Not everyone completely agrees, though.

NFL Media Reacts To Cleveland Browns Statement

With the circumstances surrounding this deal, the NFL reaction has been negative. Most believe the Browns are prioritizing their win/loss record over public image.

Even lifelong Browns fans are hesitant to embrace the addition. Billboards are even being put up displaying doubt.

People want to know exactly what went into this background investigation, and whether the women in the allegations were spoken to. Or was this just the easiest way for Cleveland to improve their roster?

We’ll wait and see the decision on Watson’s 2022 season status.