TikToker Shares Frighteningly Detailed Conspiracy Theory About FTX, Tom Brady And Gisele’s Divorce

Detailed Conspiracy Theory About FTX Tom Brady Giseles Divorce

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A woman on TikTok has gone viral for sharing a terrifyingly detailed conspiracy theory about Tom Brady and Gisele’s divorce and how it ties to their involvement in the FTX scandal.

The TikToker, who goes by the handle @culturework, has been having difficulty reconciling the timings of various news items related to Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s divorce.

So, to ease her mind (?), she went and crafted a very detailed timeline of events from the day that Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL in February up to today’s announcement that Tom and Gisele have been named as defendants in a $11 billion lawsuit for promoting the “fraudulent” cryptocurrency FTX.

Now, I can’t even begin to list every single minute detail this woman has compiled in her three-part TikTok series of videos.

I will just hit on some of the more interesting highlights and leave you to watch the videos for yourself to see just how painstakingly she delves into the topic of Brady and Gisele’s divorce.

In part one, @culturework talks about something many people may have overlooked.

• At the end of June, Brady and Gisele spent several days vacationing on the beach in Italy. It was only a little over four weeks after taking that vacation, Tom decided he needed to take a “leave of absence” from Buccaneers training camp.

• After being gone for 11 days, Brady comes back and says he had “a lot of sh-t going on.”

• During his break from training camp, Brady reportedly went to the Bahamas.

• In the midst of Brady’s break, FTX, which is based in the Bahamas, receives a cease and desist order from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC. She believes that the order was surely not the first time FTX had been contacted about the issue.

• Immediately after Brady returns to the United States, Gisele takes off for Costa Rica. However, she returns to the U.S. almost immediately and the couple’s PR show begins in full force, starting with the New York Post reporting that the couple are in the midst of an “epic fight.”

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Highlights from part two…

• She very briefly points out the fact that Costa Rica “tightly protects the privacy of offshore banking.”

• One month after visiting the Bahamas and getting into the “epic fight” with Gisele, who has been spending time in and out of Costa Rica, Brady appears looking very gaunt at a Buccaneers press conference.

• On October 4th, it is reported that Brady and Gisele have hired divorce lawyers. “As if we need to know they’ve hired lawyers,” says @culturework.

• She then wonders why Brady and Gisele strangely felt the need to “overshare” what the couple’s assets and wealth are, as well as the components of their prenup, without anyone asking them for this information. She points out that they keep talking about those things as if they are trying “to make us aware of how secure their assets and how secure their income is.”

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And finally, part three highlights…

• To begin the third part of her conspiracy theory, @culturework points out just how fast the couple’s divorce came despite each of them having a boatload of assets to divvy up – prenup or not. This is especially odd since just a couple of weeks prior to it becoming official it was reported that they were in for a “nasty” split.

• She then brings up the subject of Gisele purchasing a $11.5 million mansion in Miami almost directly across from the property she let Brady keep in the divorce where they were building a new home.

• Interestingly, while we already know that Gisele was actively looking at homes in Miami even before Tom took his break from the NFL, what many didn’t realize is that she actually bought the property on Oct. 6th. Why is that odd? Because it wasn’t revealed that she had bought the home until Nov. 10, at which point the New York Post not only reports about it, they also have photos, including pics inside the house, that were not part of the home’s listing.

• Guess what day the FTX scandal broke? That’s right. November 10th.

Dun, dun, dun…

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Really, the only thing she left out is the fact that Gisele is actually a witch and is no longer providing her spells to keep Tom Brady playing football way better than he should be at his age.