Fans Were Very Excited To See Delonte West Shooting Hoops, Gearing Up For BIG 3 Attempt

Delonte West Spotted Shooting Hoops Gearing Up For BIG 3 Attempt

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  • Delonte West has been struggling with mental health issues, addiction, and homelessness since he last played in the NBA.
  • New video of West shows him knocking down shots on the basketball court and gearing up for a BIG 3 run.
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Former NBA player Delonte West has been very publicly struggling with mental health and addiction issues for the past several years.

His troubles first came to light back in 2016 when he was spotted wandering around a Houston Jack In The Box, wearing no shoes and a hospital gown over his flannel shirt.

He was later seen acting erratically and dancing outside a strip mall, begging for money, and being assaulted in the street.

West, who earned around $16 million dollars over eight NBA seasons, was eventually found to be homeless.

Numerous people like Dez Bryant, LeBron James, Doc Rivers, and Mark Cuban have tried time and again to get West the help he needs.

This week new video of Delonte West surfaced

In new footage that has gone viral on the internet, the 38-year-old is once again looking healthy, knocking down some shots at Pat The Roc Basketball Academy in Maryland.

TMZ reports that West has been training every day for the past month at the gym with the goal of playing in the BIG3 League.

Of course, fans have seen this sort of thing before from Delonte West. In 2020, West was also back shooting in the gym and looking healthy, only to relapse and find himself in jail.

After landing a job at the treatment center where he recovered after Mark Cuban helped get him into rehab, West was arrested in Florida after he was seen yelling and banging on the glass doors of a police station while holding bottles of alcohol.

Still, this is certainly a positive step for the former first round pick of the Boston Celtics. One that Delonte West can certainly build on and one that many basketball fans hope gets him back on the right path.