Dez Bryant Attempted To Defend LaVar Ball’s Controversial Molly Qerim Comments And Some People Weren’t Having It

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LaVar Ball has said plenty of controversial things since he burst onto the scene a couple of years ago, like the time he claimed he could’ve made Michael Jordan cry in a game of one-on-one or when he said LeBron James’ sons are going to be “whack” at basketball—an assertation Bronny James seems to have put to rest.

However, the patriarch of the Ball family somehow managed to top himself in a recent interview on First Take in which he said he was happy that Lonzo was traded to the Pelicans before seemingly shooting his shot at ESPN’s Molly Qerim.

Ball’s comment was met with a fair amount of criticism from people who believed it was sexual innuendo and the Worldwide Leader issued a statement condemning him before reports started to circulate saying he’d mercifully been banned from the network (although is manager called them fake news).

Ball vehemently denied the accusations that he meant anything by his comment and said anyone who thought he was disrespecting Qerim has their mind in the gutter.

I’m personally of the opinion that the reaction to Ball’s comment was a little overblown and it appears there’s at least one person who agrees with me: Dez Bryant, who jumped on Twitter over the weekend to defend the eldest Ball after sending a message in Qerim’s direction.

After his initial tweet, Bryant engaged with a couple of people who weren’t exactly thrilled with what he had to say.

Ball has been married to his wife for 22 years so I do think it’d be a bit odd if he did what plenty of people are claiming he did on national television but I have a feeling that’s not going to stop critics from continuing to go in on him.

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