ESPN+ Has You Covered With Quality College Football Shows And Docuseries While You Hunker Down In Self-Isolation

espn+ college football


Chances are you’re stuck in your house during the ongoing coronapocalypse and if you’re a sports fan you’re probably craving some sort of fresh new sports-related content with the sports world on hold at the moment.

It’s a proven fact that there is no bad time to watch any form of college football content and as luck would have it, ESPN+ has all the CFB video content you could ever need right now.

It’s not just simple replays of classic games, either, the platform is streaming shows and docuseries about the history of the game.

It’s only $4.99 a month and you can watch it on all of your usual devices.

Why not take a look back and learn something about the greatest sport on earth while you’re stuck inside?

Here’s an in-depth look at some of the college football shows and docuseries streaming on ESPN+ now:

  • College Football 150: ESPN celebrates college football and its history, providing fans an in-depth look at the topics which have defined the sport over the last 150 years.
  • 11 episodes of The American Game – a series explores the stories that have made college football an integral component of the sports landscape
  • 11 episodes of The Greatest – a series that tackles a singular subject each week, providing a revealing look at the memories, breakthroughs and personalities who have defined college football, punctuated by a Top 11 on each particular subject
  • 8 episodes of Saturday’s In The South – a series showcasing the defining storylines and figures within SEC (Southeastern Conference) football history. This multi-part documentary tells the tale of the SEC from its very beginnings to its powerful present
  • Additional titles include The College Game and My Story

So, sit back, relax and become a savant of college football.



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