A Completely Shredded Gronk Spent Sunday Shirtless Leading A Workout In Boston With His Girlfriend

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Gronk Spent Sunday Leading A Workout In Boston With His Girlfriend

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Instead of spending his Sunday on the gridiron in Miami for the New England Patriots, who obviously didn’t need him, future Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski spent this past Sunday in Boston leading a public workout with his girlfriend Camille Kostek for his Gronk Nation “Boston Seaport Sweat.”

Naturally, he was shirtless, because, well, Gronk, but also bro was completely shredded and looked like he could have been on the field on Sunday.

“Football Sundayโ€™s [sic] are spent a little different now,” Kostek wrote on Instagram, driving a nail straight into the heart of spoiled Patriots fans.

The public workout included a circuit workout station with treadmills, push ups, jump rope, crunches, and lunges. At the end, Gronk led a group dance for the cool down because his life is a goddamn fantasy camp.

“Had to finish the morning with a post-workout dance party!” he captioned an Instagram video of himself and Kostek dancing.

He also announced that he is selling Gronk Fitness athletic wipes because Patriots fans will buy basically anything even tangetially related to their team.

Gronk Athletic Wipes


So thirsty.


He’s totally coming back at some point this season, isn’t he?

He might as well, you know, since he’s cured his CTE and took care of all that fluid in his skull.

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