Jay Cutler Still Out Here Dominating Reality TV, Hilariously Reveals His Favorite Sex Position

If you thought there was no way that former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler would ever be able to top the admission by his wife Kristin Cavallari that he sucked “harder than he’s ever sucked” (Dolphins fans may disagree) to relieve her clogged milk ducts, then you don’t know Jay.

If you haven’t caught any episodes of the E! reality TV show Very Cavallari, starring Kristin and Jay, then you’ve missed out on numerous golden television moments.

There was the show where Jay got hammered and his wife said, correctly, “Drunk Jay is usually the best Jay.”

Then there was the episode where Jay went into detail about his vasectomy during a conversation with a gay friend, who he also asked, “Guys can’t get guys pregnant?”

And so on

The Cutty legend continued to grow in another recent episode when Jay sat down for a little Q&A with Kelly Henderson, Kristin’s best friend, for her podcast.

Many interesting questions were asked and answered, such as what career Cutler would have gone into if not for football. (Nothing, he “didn’t take college very seriously.”)

She also asked him how he balanced a relationship, three kids and a really high pressure job? (“Kristin balanced it. I just I just showed up. If she wasn’t probably as tough and resilient and caring as she was, I mean I didn’t do anything. She’s the one that kept that ship afloat.”)

They also briefly discussed the always entertining “If Jay Had Instagram” account.

However, the one question that stood out above all the others was when Henderson asked Jay, “What’s your favorite sexual position?”

“I think we experiment with many different ones,” Cutler answered without hesitation.

“It’s a variety, is what you’re saying,” added Henderson.

“Yeah, I mean, after so long, like, you have to you have to mix it up a little bit…” continued Jay before being interrupted by his wife asking, “Can we keep this PG?”

“Don’t even start with me…” responds a visibly disgusted Cutler. “Are you kidding me?

“All of the sudden, like, she’s Saint Teresa now,” Jay tells Henderson, further cementing his legacy as a star.