Fans Enjoy The Tradition Before The Tradition At Masters Week – John Daly’s Hooter’s Setup

John Daly walks the golf course while sporting his custom Hooter's pants.

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John Daly has arrived for his annual trip to Augusta, though he’s not participating in golf’s premiere event. The Masters is in town, and as has become tradition, Daly’s brought his RV down to Georgia to take part in the tournament festivities.

He’s set up shop at the local Hooter’s where fans can drop by for a meet and greet, and maybe a drink and a smoke. While the event is still in the practice stage of the week, those tournament goers are already enjoying the tradition before the tradition.

Obviously, golf fans attend the Masters to take in the sights and sounds of Augusta National. The azaleas that line the links, the iconic course, the players and pageantry, and, of course, the impossibly cheap concession stands.

But what’s wrong with stopping in to spend some time with the sport’s good-timing character on your visit? The answer is: Nothing.

Plenty of attendees are doing just that. Fans have been posting photos and videos to social media as they take in the scenes.

John Daly hasn’t competed in a Masters field in nearly two decades, though he still thinks there’s a little something left in the tank. His last professional appearance at Augusta National came back in 2006. It hasn’t stopped him from making the annual trip, though.

Year in and year out, he drops in for the week-long event and his time in Georgia never seems to disappoint. Just last year, he was seen posing for pictures with Hooter’s waitresses and doling out merchandise while toting a frosty beverage in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

Daly capped that week off by jamming with Hootie and the Blowfish in Myrtle Beach. What a life.

This year is no different as he continues to offer fans without Masters tickets a way to enjoy the event.

While he hasn’t played a round of golf in Augusta in over 15 years, his presence is always felt.