Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Is Launching A New Line Of Hard Seltzer Sparkling Cocktails – SHUT IT DOWN

Every day there’s a new chapter to the great hard seltzer craze of 2019. Natty Seltzer is throwing parties on yachts and wrapping NASCAR cars, fraternities are buying $7500 pallets of White Claw to stock up in the wake of a national shortage, and tequila brands are trying to cash in with sparkling tequila. May boozy cold brew save our souls.

It’s hyper-capitalism, with a new insane alcohol product to capture the Internet’s attention every week; It’s like the adult beverage industry is woozy on pushing the boundaries on just how far it can go by putting sparkling WHATEVER in a can with a little alcoholic magic.

Well folks, when things get weird in the booze business, there’s only one person who can truly SHUT IT DOWN: Jon Taffer, American icon and host of Bar Rescue – a TV show that transcends the shelf life of most cable shows at 193 episodes strong.

Jon Taffer is launching a hard seltzer brand, as part of his growing Taffer’s Mixologist premium craft drink mixes.

According to a press release, the line of beverages will be available in seven flavor profiles inspired by the popular flavors in modern mixology. Each flavor has only 100 calories per 12 fluid ounce can, zero grams of added sugar, three grams of carbs, and 5% alc/vol. Taffer’s line of hard seltzers will hit retail stores in California, Florida, Nevada and Texas. The price will be around $7.00 for a single flavor four-pack.

According to a press release, the following flavors are available in September in California, Florida, Nevada and Texas:

  • Cucumber Jalapeño: Cool with a kick, spicy yet refreshing – it’s the perfect mix of fresh and fun.
  • Pineapple Coconut: Best sipped while closing your eyes and dreaming of a tropical beach vacation.
  • Strawberry Basil: A dangerously delicious seltzer that perfectly balances berry, basil and bubbles!

The following flavors will be available later this year:

  • Cherry Lime: Sweet and a hint of sour – a nostalgic flavor combination that’ll keep you forever young.
  • California Lime: The original crowd-pleaser. Your taste buds will thank you.
  • Grapefruit Moon: Sweet, tart, and super refreshing – it’s a citrus sensation!
  • Taffer’s Original (Elderflower): Floral, meet fizzy: it’s a match made in heaven.

Taffer’s Mixologist says that the “sparkling craft cocktails” include these ingredients: carbonated water, OTS orange wine, erythritol, natural flavor, citric acid, stevia.

SHUT IT DOWN, White Claw?

Guess we’ll see.

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