Kansas City Bar Issues Apology For Putting Jackson Mahomes In A Body Bag, No One Thinks It’s Necessary

Kansas City Bar Issues Apology For Putting Jackson Mahomes In A Body Bag

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  • SoT cocktail bar in Kansas City issued an apology for absolutely obliterating Jackson Mahomes after he whined about them on social media.
  • Mahomes, the brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, had complained that his unannounced large group wasn’t allowed to be seated.
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As has been well-chronicled over the past few years, the members of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ family are arguably the most insufferable fans in all of sports.

Sitting right at the head of that table of annoyance is Pat Mahomes’… errr, I mean Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson.

Jackson Mahomes has repeatedly shown that, despite Patrick’s mom and fiancee being the absolute worst when it comes to their blind support of the Chiefs quarterback, he is the king of obliviousness.

This week, Jackson Mahomes was back at it, going after the SoT Cocktail Bar in Kansas City for not capitulating to his demands that he and his large group of friends be seated.

The bar, obviously not impressed with Jackson’s message, fired right back, obliterating Mahomes, writing a lengthy response on Facebook that began, “Dear @jacksonmahomes, we are sorry that we set boundaries that you tried to ignore. Often times people with un-earned status and a sense of entitlement think they are above the rules and will lash out at the employee enforcing them.”

The bar added, “We have not been fortunate enough to be born into a much more talented and much more famous family but we would like to think that if we did have that much luck – we would use our influence in more responsible ways.”

It was a savage takedown and one that many NFL fans applauded.

Sadly, the SoT Cocktail Bar must have been feeling guilty about the way they annihilated Jackson Mahomes and issued an apology.

“It’s time to talk…again.

“Yesterday, we released an ‘apology’ that was anything but authentic. The team at SoT is committed to providing every guest that walks through our doors with the best experience possible, while treating them with respect and humility. Yesterday, we failed to meet those expectations.

“Social media can be used in so many different ways, & yesterday our team used it to personally attack and question the character of someone we do not know personally. Out of all the ways this situation could have been handled, we did it the wrong way.

“We want everyone to know that we acknowledge our shortcomings in this situation, and even though we failed to meet our own–and we’re sure many of our follower’s–expectations with our social media presence yesterday, we promise to do better. To be better. To think before reacting. And most importantly, to use our following to bring the community we love so much together instead of being combative and dividing it. All each of us can do is try to be better than we were the day before.

“We appreciate & love you KC.”

How very adult of them. Not that they really needed to apologize for their apology.

Comments on SoT Cocktails latest Facebook post make that very clear.

“No business should be dragged for not having space to seat an unplanned party, no matter the person. That’s entitlement, pure and simple.”

“Do not recant your message from yesterday. It was courageous, factual, and needed to be said.”

“You guys said nothing wrong yesterday. It was perfectly written in response to a clout chaser wanting first class treatment from a small business.”

“I don’t think you divided the community with that post. You said what needed to be said, by you and every other business who suffers at the hands of whiners and crybabies who think the rules don’t apply to them.”

“I thought your response was great, not sure who bullied you guys into feeling like you had to remove and retract, but so many people in this city were proud of you for standing up for yourselves.”

“Seriously? Stand by your so-called apology yesterday. It was perfect! I think most of Kansas City would agree! Do not apologize for the way you responded. Self entitled little brats need to be put in their place from time to time!”

“Don’t apologize for being 1000% correct.”



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