Kevin Durant Didn’t Play In Game 1, But He Was Still Shooting, Liking A Revealing Photo Of Olivia Munn

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You know what they always say… shooters gonna shoot, and we’ve seen over the past 12 years, Kevin Durant is most definitely a shooter.

We’re not just talking about on the basketball court where he’s launched 15,859 of them either.

As anyone who follows Kevin Durant on on Twitter and Instagram (including all of his burner accounts) knows, Durant is not afraid to shoot his shot off the court as well.

So, even though Durant was sidelined and did not play in Game 1 of the NBA Finals Thursday night, he was still shooting… on social media.

While much of America was gearing up for the big Warriors vs. Raptors game, our favorite ex-girlfriend of an athlete, Olivia Munn, was busy sharing some photos of a new outfit she was wearing while visiting Italy.

With nothing else better to do Thurdsay night, Kevin Durant must have been trawling Instagram (as he has been known to do) and one photo that Munn posted must have really gotten his attention, as he decided to drop her a like.

Gotta get while the getting is good, right? I mean, according to the latest reports, Durant is expected to return to the Warriors lineup by at least Game 4 so he won’t have as much free time in the upcoming days.