Marlon Humphrey Is Shaming Star Athletes For Not Spending Their Money On New Cars

Marlon Humphrey stands on the field for the Baltimore Ravens.

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Marlon Humphrey is never one to be quiet on social media. The Ravens star is often seen giving opinions on things like pizza preferences, airplane etiquette, and college football.

On Thursday, he took aim at his fellow pro athletes. More specifically, he bashed NBA star Kawhi Leonard and his decision to drive a 1997 Tahoe. The take is now causing quite a stir on social media.

Humphrey has been in the NFL for six seasons following an accomplished college career at Alabama. The defender was a first-round draft pick in 2017, and based on recent comments, he likely used some of his signing bonus to purchase a new car.

Humphrey was seen blasting Kawhi Leonard for his driving a 20-year-old Chevy Tahoe despite earning an NBA paycheck.

The quote from Leonard, which is actually from 2016, reads, “It runs and it’s paid off,” referencing the Tahoe. For some reason, it recirculated this week, giving Humphrey a chance to give his thoughts.

“This is actually just dumb.”

Social media erupted with reaction to the comment. Most disagree with Marlon Humphrey’s take.

Many had the same response. If it runs, why change it?

Even Green Bay running back Aaron Jones chimed in, saying that he, too, still drives his car from high school. Humphrey quickly responded by saying safety ratings should be reason enough to buy something newer.

Marlon Humphrey might not win this argument, but it’s unlikely to change his opinion on the matter.