A Still Very Salty Mike Leach Ripped Into His Former School, Texas Tech, Over ‘Smear Campaign’

Washington State Coach Mike Leach Attacks Texas Tech On Twitter

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Washington State’s head football coach Mike Leach is a national treasure. Just the mere idea of a Hard Knocks-style college football reality show with him right in the middle of it is enough to get me fired up.

Just imagine what Leach could do with an hour a week to opine on topics like college mascots, Halloween costumes, the sport of golf, marriage, candy corn, and “fat little girlfriends.”

Another hot topic that would be sure to discussed by Leach if he were to appear on a reality show would have to be the way he was unceremoniously fired by his former school Texas Tech.

As you may recall, Leach was fired after an investigation was opened regarding Leach allegedly mistreating one of his players, Adam James, son of former ESPN college football analyst Craig James.

Leach ended up unsuccessfully suing Texas Tech for wrongful termination.

On Monday, Leach once again went after his former school, Texas Tech, on Twitter for firing him in 2009 over what he claims were false allegations.

Stewart Mandel of The Athletic tweeted a response on Monday to a question asking if Andrew Luck’s retirement was the most bizarre sports news in the past 10 years, saying, “That, or the time Texas Tech fired its coach for allegedly locking a player in a shed only for it to turn out the player’s ESPN commentator father hired a PR firm to stage an orchestrated smear campaign against the coach for not giving his son enough playing time.”

Leach, sensing another opportunity, once again went after his former school.

“Texas Tech still has not paid me for 2009, after firing me based upon false allegations. Now officers at Tech are refusing to release the documents and memos. What could they possibly be afraid of?Proof of their false and slanderous smear campaign?! The Public has a right to know,” Leach tweeted.

And in case anyone out there isn’t sure how much Leach likes what he wrote he retweeted… himself.

Never change, coach. Never change.

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