The Nats Fan Who Took A HR To The Gut Won A Caps Slap Shot Challenge At The Buzzer And Now Gets Free Beer For A Year

Jeff Adams Bud Light Beer Guy Nationals Fan World Series Game 5

Getty Image / Chaz Niell

Jeff Adams is the Washington Nationals fan who went viral during the World Series for taking a home run ball to the belly while preserving his beer. Instead of dropping his Bud Light to catch the souvenir or a lifetime, Jeff let that ball bounce off his gut and he’s still riding the wave of stardom from that highlight.

Within 24 hours, Bud Light had released a tribute commercial paying homage to the double-fisting Nats fan who took an HR ball to the belly. The clip went so viral and gifted Bud Light so much free coverage that the brand paid for the random fan to go to Game 6.

Flash forward and the Nationals have won the World Series and the hype is settling down around Jeff Adams and his double-fisting mania…until last night. This dude was the Slap Shot Challenge guest on Sunday’s Flames-Capitals game. Jeff won himself free beer at Washington Capitals games FOR A YEAR.

In order to complete the challenge, Jeff Adams would need to light up/knock out all of the panels by hitting a slap shot through each. Things aren’t going well for Jeff until time is nearly out and he gets hot. Jeff fires his last slap shot with less than a second left on the clock and scores that free Bud Light for a year in what is probably one of the best sports clips you’ll see this weekend that didn’t come from a pro athlete.

One of my colleagues sent me this clip last night and I didn’t think there was any shot in hell the clip would actually be good. I figured it was just this guy riding his viral wave but man was I wrong.

There was so much tension late into the challenge and then he went on a heater. With less than a second left on the clock, he won himself free beer for a year!

What’s next for Jeff Adams and his now-famous Beer Belly? Lots and lots of free beer, probably. As they do every year, the Caps are expected to compete for an Eastern Conference Championship which means they’ll be a very fun team to watch in person throughout the season.