The NBA Gave The Raptors A Stern Talking-To Over Drake’s Courtside Behavior During The Eastern Conference Finals

nba talked to raptors about drake

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The NBA Finals will finally kick off in Toronto tonight and people are spending an insane amount of money on courtside seats to watch the Raptors compete in their first-ever championship series and, more importantly, to be in the presence of Drake.

In 2013, the team signed the superfan as a global ambassador and he’s been seen consistently gracing the sideline ever since. Sure, he might be an infamous jinx, but it seems like he’s figured out a way to use his powers for good instead of evil this postseason.

He’s also kicked his fandom into high gear over the past month and he was a hot topic of discussion during the Eastern Conference Finals, where he managed to piss off multiple affiliates of the Bucks organization by taunting players and getting slightly too handsy with Nick Nurse.

However, it turns out the Bucks weren’t the only ones who didn’t enjoy his shenanigans, regardless of how cheeky and fun they may have been.

According to ESPN, the NBA reached out to the Raptors during the last round of the playoffs to warn them about Drake’s sideline antics and remind them that he should be treated like any other fan. As the outlet notes, this isn’t the first time he’s caught the ire of the league—he received a warning last year after getting into it with Kendrick Perkins.

I can understand why the league is concerned, but as someone who was once not-so-politely asked to leave a high school basketball game for similar behavior, I fully support his intensity (although I can’t endorse the shoulder rubbing).