How Accurate Is This Study That Attempts To Figure Out The Worst Owners In The NFL?

New Study Attempts To Figure Out The Worst Owners In The NFL

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  • A new study attempted to figure out who the worst owners in the NFL is and it’s hard to argue with the name at the top (bottom?) of the list.
  • Among the categories making up the rankings were stadium facilities, Super Bowl wins, stadium relocations, salary cap spent, and regular season wins.
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Which team has the worst owner in the NFL? For many NFL fans the answer to that question also happens to be the owner of the team that they support and anguish over when they don’t win the Super Bowl, again.

For instance, the last time the Buffalo Bills were champions was way back in 1965 when they won the AFL title. Another prime example are the Cleveland Browns whose last championship win was in 1964 when they won the NFL title in the pre-Super Bowl era.

Then there are the Chargers (1963 AFL champions, while in San Diego), the Tennessee Titans (1961 AFL champions, as the Houston Oilers), the Detroit Lions (1957 NFL champions), and the Cardinals (1947 NFL champs back when they were the Chicago Cardinals).

On the plus side for fans of all of those teams, at least their squads have won something. That’s more than fans of the Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, and Cincinnati Bengals can say, with a combined 168 YEARS of their teams coming up empty.

So we certainly have some serious candidates for worst owners in the NFL, but rather than just speculate, the folks over at Bonus Finder decided to figure out it using a more wide-ranging selections of stats.

Their study of the worst owners in the NFL took into consideration the following categories: team investment (salary cap spent), average active cash, stadium relocations, growth over the past five years, stadium reviews, regular season wins, and Super Bowl wins.

Using that criteria, the best owners in the NFL are (1) The Rooney Family of the Pittsburgh Steelers, (2) Green Bay Packers, Inc., and (3) Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots.

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No real surprises there.

Nor is the name at the bottom of the list: Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals, who also serves as the team’s general manager.

Things like fans finding dead bodies in porta-potties outside the team’s stadium will do that. So will going 192-284-4, 0-7 in the playoffs.

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The rest of the list breaks down as follows. (Fans of the Chargers, Jets, Cardinals, Lions, and Washington Football Team might have something to say about where their teams’ owners are ranked.)

32. Mike Brown, Bengals
31. Shahid Khan, Jaguars
30. Jimmy and Dee Haslem, Browns
29. Amy Adams Strunk, Titans
28. Carol and Mark Davis, Raiders
27. Dean Spanos, Chargers
26. Daniel Snyder, WFT
25. Denise DeBartolo York and family, 49ers
24. Woody and Christopher Johnson, Jets
23. Estate of Bill Bidwell, Cardinals
22. Stephen M. Ross, Dolphins
21. Sheila Ford Hamp, Lions

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20. David Tepper, Panthers
19. Kim and Terry Pegula, Bills
18. Jeffrey Lurie, Eagles
17. Jim Irsay, Colts
16. Joe Ellis and trustee, Broncos
15. Janice McNair and family, Texans
14. The Glazer family, Buccaneers
13. Stan Kroenke, Rams
12. Virginia Halas McCaskey, Bears
11. John Mara and Steve Tisch, Giants

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10. Zygi Wilf, Vikings
9. Arthur Blank, Falcons
8. Steve Biscotti, Ravens
7. Jerry Jones, Cowboys
6. Jody Allen and trustee, Seahawks
5. Gayle Benson, Saints
4. The Hunt family, Chiefs
3. Robert Kraft, Patriots
2. Green Bay Packers Inc.
1. The Rooney family, Steelers

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