Packers Fans Are Raising Money To Pay Clay Matthews’ Absurd Roughing The Passer Fines As A Middle Finger To The NFL

clay matthews roughing the passer gofundme


The NFL introduced a few controversial policies over the offseason with the goal of addressing player safety, which included a draconian helmet rule as well as instructing referees to be a bit more liberal when it comes to calling roughing the passer penalties.

However, the first few weeks of the season have been filled with questionable calls concerning hits on quarterbacks and no one has fallen victim to them more than Clay Matthews.

The Packers basically lost a game in Week Two after a ref decided to throw a flag following this hit from Matthews.

Things got even more absurd this weekend after Matthews was flagged once again for one of the cleanest tackles I’ve ever seen.

It’s no wonder Mike McCarthy went full Hulk on the sidelines.

The hit also inspired a couple of Packers fans to create an instructional video to help Matthews avoid being flagged again in the future.

Matthews has been fined multiple times thanks to the penalties and one Packers supporter decided to step in and help him pay them off in the form of a GoFundMe that aims to raise $30,000 for a player who’s slated to make $10 million this year.

Based on the description, the fundraiser is clearly meant to be tongue-in-cheek and all of the money donated will actually go to a pretty good cause:

I am raising money because the Officials for the NFL have been increasingly unfair and I would like to show my support toward the Green Bay Packers’, especially Clay Matthews. Go Pack Go!

This whole thing got a bit bigger than intended, with that being said, I will attempt to reach out to Mr. Matthews to see which chairity he would like to donate the money to, if I receive no response, I will donate it all to The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Once again, Go Pack Go!

As of this writing, a total of $530 has already been raised so at least there’s one good thing that came out of all of these bad calls.

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