Pat McAfee Goes In On The ‘Yuppies’ At ESPN For Not Choosing Him For The Monday Night Football Booth

Pat McAfee goes on Twitter rant after ESPN excluded him from Monday Night Football booth

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Pat McAfee has long been one of the most entertaining people in sports. Sure the former Indianapolis Colts player was a punter, but, deep down, there was one helluva personality, which, at times, ended up getting him in trouble — remember that drunken arrest? Still, deep down, McAfee has shown that he’s one of the real ones, never willing to change just because he might not be PC all the time.

Unfortunately, that mentality may have hurt Pat McAfee today, because ESPN announced the updated Monday Night Football booth following the exit of Jason Witten and it didn’t include the former punter. Instead, Booger McFarland — who was part of the broadcast team last season but was rarely in the booth — will join play-by-play man Joe Tessitore this upcoming season, ending the very, very small chance that McAfee would get the nod.

Upon hearing the news about ESPN’s decision, Pat McAfee wasn’t too thrilled, and he voiced that disappointment by going on Twitter and absolutely ripping the “yuppies” at the Worldwide Network for not giving him a fair shake. Take a look at what McAfee had to say.

It’s an interesting (and honest) take by Pat McAfee, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Let’s be honest, McAfee’s sophomoric humor doesn’t mesh with everyone, but there isn’t a football fan on the planet who doesn’t think he can entertain millions. Hell, just look at his WWE-like rant during last week’s NFL Draft in Nashville when announcing one of the Colts’ selections as the most recent example.

In a media world where things are changing and there are more opportunities to express oneself on various platforms, it’s pretty disappointing that ESPN didn’t give Pat McAfee the chance to prove himself in the MNF booth. After seeing how awful the aforementioned Jason Witten was last season, maybe the network wanted to play it safe and avoid another disaster — and possible replacement again next year — going with someone in McFarland to help build a consistent broadcast team. Or maybe ESPN just didn’t want to risk Pat McAfee doing something on air that would embarrass the network, which, if that’s the case, is a terrible reason.

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