Patrick Mahomes Proved He Can’t Be Trusted With The Lombardi Trophy At Super Bowl Parade

Patrick Mahomes holding the Lombardi Trophy

Getty Image

There was no telling what was going to unfold when the Chiefs paraded through the streets of Kansas City on Wednesday to celebrate their win over the Eagles in Super Bowl LVII (aside from the guaranteed fact Jackson Mahomes was going to irk NFL fans with a TikTok video).

With that said, recent history suggested we were going to be treated to some drunken antics courtesy of the players who’ve traditionally gotten absolutely sauced while celebrating their victory in The Big Game—and this year’s celebration was no exception.

On Wednesday night, cornerback Jaylen Watson acknowledge he’d been overserved to the point where he used a wheelchair to leave the festivities. While Patrick Mahomes didn’t reach that point, there is some evidence that suggests the Bud Lights he deleted over the course of the day eventually caught up to him.

Exhibit A comes in the form of the viral video that made the rounds on Thursday, which was filmed while Kansas City’s star quarterback was interacting the some of the fans who gathered along the parade route to revel with the hometown team.

That includes one guy who not only got the chance to take a picture with Mahomes but temporarily found himself in possession of the ultimate souvenir, as the QB inexplicably handed him the Lombardi Trophy before simply wandering away.

This is far from the first time that piece of hardware has been subjected to some fairly careless behavior.

In 2021, a tequila-fueled Tom Brady made the ill-advised (but ultimately harmless) decision to chuck the Lombardi Trophy across the water to Rob Gronkowski during the boat parade in Tampa Bay—although that had nothing on the time Gronk managed to dent it after using it as a baseball bat when the Patriots gathered at Fenway Park in 2019.