Phil Mickelson Updates Fans On Past Gambling Issues In Heated Twitter Exchange

Phil Mickelson reacts to a shot on the course.

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Phil Mickelson was caught in a heated back and forth with golf fans online over the weekend. The exchange came in response to an article criticizing his affiliation with LIV Golf.

The topic of his past gambling issues was brought up by a number of followers, leading the golfer to bite back on social media.

Mickelson’s betting debts have been widely publicized. It became a talking point after his signing with LIV for a reported $200 million in 2022.

“My gambling got to a point of being reckless and embarrassing,” Mickelson said in an interview with Sports Illustrated last June. “I had to address it. And I’ve been addressing it for a number of years. And for hundreds of hours of therapy. I feel good where I’m at there. My family and I are and have been financially secure for some time.”

Reports stated that he’d had debts upwards of $40 million between 2010-2014, causing Mickelson to reel it in and admit his problem.

According to the golfer, he’s done his part to stay away from the sportsbooks.

A few social media trolls attempted to mock Mickelson and his past gambling issues online this weekend. The golfer quickly put them in their place.

One Twitter account posted a reply saying, “Speaking of professional help, how is your gambling addiction?”

Mickelson fired right back.

He then took aim at another follower with a since deleted response as he doubled down on that near-billionaire status.

“Is there something I can do with $800 million that I can’t do with $760 million?” Mickelson asked when someone referenced those massive gambling debts.

Mickelson will continue to receive criticism so long as he continues to play on the LIV Golf tour. He may not be able to hear those critics much longer over his large stacks of cash.