Richard Pitino Made Up For Overspending His NCAA Travel Budget On Private Jets By Renting More Private Jets

Everyone knows who Rick Pitino is. Louisville coach who was the victim of attempted extortion? Ok, good, we’re all on the same page. However, forget about him. We’re here to talk about his son Richard. Why? Because it seems like someone trying to get dear old dad to fork over the money didn’t inspire Richy P from brushing up on the concept of money management as evidenced by the receipt from his travel expenses over the last 3 years.

Pitino, the head coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, was allotted $50,000 a year for travel. Here what he spent yearly over the past 3 years.

Via Star Tribune:

2013 Travel Expenses: $75,000
’13 – ’14’ Record: 25-13, NIT Champions

2014 Travel Expenses: $100,000
’14 – ’15 Record: 18-15

2015 Travel Expenses: $150,000
’15 – ’16 Record: 8-23

What’s the best medicine to renting too many private jets? More private jets. The Tribune goes on to outline what both Pitino and the Minnesota girl’s coach spent their money on:

In addition to the private jet spending, both basketball programs spent more than allowed on hotels, private cars, birthday or holiday parties, meals and valet parking. The audit even flagged “unreasonable” spending by Pitino involving “multiple” rental cars returned without full gas tanks and instances of parking at the airport even though the team had rented a bus.

As a result, the office’s report is recommending the U Athletics Department seek reimbursement for the itemized overspending from Pitino and women’s coach Marlene Stollings. Pitino and Stollings both signed the office’s audit in mid-April.

No better way to hide your overspending than renting luxury cars so you can drive to that hotel party you’re throwing in a room you shouldn’t have rented in the first place. Also, hilarious how his spending got ballsier and ballsier as the records got worse and worse. It makes sense. Best way to cope with going 8-23 is by filling a private jet that you can’t afford with hookers you also can’t afford. The best part of all of this is that the then-Athletic Director was fully aware that Pitino was blowing all this cash. Why? Well, isn’t it obvious? Because you can’t get invited to the hotel orgy if you’re not ponying up the money to rent the room.